Disc Golf

Disc Golf – a Lifelong Hobby

Disc Golf has rapidly grown in regards to popularity over the last few years. There are millions of people that play the game. Disc Golf is easy to begin and learn, but difficult to master. This is the factor that attracts most people to Disc Golf, it’s a great personal challenge. Disc Golf offers great experiences for people of all ages and both sexes. It is great for school students and it’s fast to learn. For older people Disc Golf offers the joy of social exercise.

The goal of Disc Golf is similar to the goal of golf. Instead of clubs and balls like in regular golf, the playing equipment of Disc Golf features a wide variety of plastic frisbees that come in many different shapes and weights. Disc Golf target corresponds golf’s hole. The winner of a round of Disc Golf is the one who played the course with the least amount of throws.