When Discmania founder, Jussi Meresmaa, was competing across Europe back in the 1990s, he discovered that this game can be mastered with only a handful of discs. The game of Disc Golf was at the same time simple and yet really complicated! The more you elevated your game the harder it got. The disc industry was spitting new models monthly (nowadays it seems like weekly). This galore of choices was growing huge. One needed to reinvent the game.

Somewhere in 2006, an idea of a unique disc line was born. Meresmaa teamed with Innova and Dave Dunipace, the father of the modern sport golf disc. Dave’s knowledge mixed with Jussi’s vision led to the genesis of Discmania Golf Discs. At first, Discmania made a disc that would go with every player out there. Discmania started from this mid-range backbone, The MD1. Slowly, Discmania’s repertoire started to shape up.

Discmania focuses on creating each disc like it would be Discmania’s most important one. Discmania focuses to make a product that combines more than one feature. Discmania designs their products to be timeless. Each of Discmania’s discs are somehow exclusive. Discmania is not the biggest brand out there and that’s just the way Discmania likes it.

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